In this video learn about all the themes and plug-ins I use that help me to become more productive within VS-Code. In this short 10 minute video, you will learn how to set-up your Visual Studio code to mirror my development environment.

We have all seen those moves where the hero needs to access a secure building or some government system in order to save the world or to prevent a bomb from exploding or something just as tense. At a certain point, a master-hacker strolls in. In Hollywood movies, it always seems the guys English. He sits down at the keyboard, types manically, code flashes up and around and the net thing you know the keyboards.

The hero needs access to something like a safe.  The master hacker comes along. bashes furiously away at a keyboard while some tense music -lays and   Bobs your uncle access granted. Becoming a master hacker takes skill and year of learning.  We haven't got time for that. In this video, I will show you how you can feel like a master hacker so you can show off and impress your friends

GOD Mode

Enable GOD mode in Window. Create a folder on the desktop and name it:


TMUX is a program that will allow you to be more efficient using the terminal. TMUX allows multiple terminal sessions to be accessed simultaneously in a single window. It has loads of shortcut codes that allow you to interact with the terminal well.

Visual Studio Code Flames

To enable flames mode, install this service:

The Silver Searcher

Do you want to be able to search source-code quickly:

DVWA Hacker Site

To run the container, you can use this command to launch the site on port 8081:

Hacker Typer

Lastly, if you just want to look like a hacker, head over to Hackertyper and bash away at the keyboard to impress your friend