After being stuck inside for winter, life admin starts to accumulate. Clutter can creep into your life. While you are waiting to finally see the sun again you have an opportunity. Now is a perfect time to perform a digital spring clean. A spring clean is a great idea in life and applying the same principles to your digital life will make you become a productive ninja. It's time to start cleaning up your digital like and your computers, however, where should you start?

When it comes to a digital spring clean it can be surprising how things can pile up. Your desktop, your code, your digital life and even your websites. Clutter can pile up everywhere if you are not careful. Doing an annual digital cleanse will help ensure things never get too out of control. Removing unused software or online applications or services, changing passwords and credentials, as well as old data you will never need again, helps you in preventing being hacked or your digital identity getting leaked.

This guide will give you a checklist of over 100 things that you can start de-cluttering. The less junk you have in your less the less stress you will feel. If you can unburden your mind of all this trash it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


  • Back-up all your files
  • Install a tool like CCleaner
  • Run an anti-virus scanner
  • Make sure your anti-virus program is updated to the latest version
  • Clean your desktop
  • Update your desktop back-ground
  • Clean your downloads folder
  • Use System Mechanic to clean your PC
  • Use Defraggle to boost your system performance
  • Delete unneeded software
  • Recycle the recycle bin
  • Clean Dropbox
  • Remove old Chrome extensions
  • Apply all operating system updates
  • Ensure all your software is up-to-date
  • Clean the dirt and dust from your keyboard
  • Wipe down your monitor
  • Buy a new mouse!
  • Free up disk space, use WinDirStat to find out where all your hard drive space has gone and delete it!
  • use Duplicate File Finder to find files you can delete
  • Clear out temporary files by running the Windows Disk Cleanup tool
  • Uninstall software you no longer use
  • Backup all essential files to an external drive, or, Dropbox
  • Physically clean your PCs inner workings


  • Delete Spotify play-lits that you no longer listen to
  • Can any streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ that you do not use
  • Get to zero-inbox
  • Clear your to-do list of old items you no longer want to do
  • Close any online accounts that you no longer use
  • Update your social media profile images
  • Change all your online passwords using a tool like LikePass. This will make it a lot harder for hackers to access your account
  • Enabled two-factor authentication on your bank and any super-sensitive accounts
  • Try a new productivity tool like Notion
  • Note all the tools you use to capture notes, your phone, to-do lists, pen and paper, photos, dropbox, your inbox etc.. . This will likely be much larger than you release. Consolidate these lists into a single area.
  • Check your online identity with Have I Been Pwned
  • Start tracking your digital-life with Rescue Time
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Delete all the completed books from your Kindle
  • Start using Plex to organize your media


  • Use CMS. There are loads of great, free CMS choices now ContentFul, Umbraco, or Strapi. These CMS are free/cheap and can improve your website no-end!
  • Pick a new productivity system to use 2021 Guide To Productivity Systems
  • Start that course you promised yourself to undertake
  • Order the books from your Amazon wishlist
  • Finish reading the book you started
  • Take any physical books that you have read to the charity shop

🌼 CODE 🌱

  • Delete any old repositories that you no longer use

  • Run Dependabot/security tool and update packages

  • Check any hobby websites are still working

  • Review your code reviewing rules

  • Add a linter if you are not using one


  • Ensure your data is being back-up nightly and it is still working
  • Make sure/add an uptime service like Up Time Robot
  • Do an analytics audit
  • Add Google Analytics to your site
  • Add the Facebook pixel to your site
  • Check for broken links using Xenu Link Sleuth
  • Run Page Insights
  • Do a content audit and then delete old content that is no longer relevant
  • Update any references in the footer that reference last year
  • Spell check your website using a tool like Typosaur

Happy spring cleaning... good luck!