Welcome to my end-of-the-year review post!!! In this best of 2020 article, I share all of my favorite movies, TV, podcasts, music, youtube, tech, books, and a whole lot more from this year. If you are looking for some idea on how to pass the time while you are away from work, then this is the article for you

📖 Best Books Of 2020

'The more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the more places you'll go! A great book can alter the way you look at life. There is an often-quoted stat that all top-level CEOs read over 50 books a year. To become a champ you should pick up a book. Whether you're looking to buy books as holiday gifts or simply as a gift to yourself, I can personally recommend these books:

2020 was definitely the year of Youtube for me. Before this year I only used to use YouTube to watch music videos. In 2020 I found so much good content. In this list I share the channels that helped keep me sane during COVID lockdown:

TV provided an essential escape in 2020 during quarantine. There have been so many fantastic viewing options. Below lists the shows that entertained me the most in 2020:

Winner: 🥇 The Mandalorian 🥇

💻 Best TECH Of 2020

2020 has been a great year for technology. While I was stuck indoors for a large part of it, instead of spending my time and money on gigs and travel it went towards building a Youtube studio. Below lists the tech that has really impressed me this year:

Load your phone with the right apps and your phone can be incredibly useful in your quest to live a better lifestyle. In 2020 I definitely used my phone more to track my health and fitness. Below lists my most used apps of 2020:

Best SOFTWARE Of 2020

The last category to go over is my most used software of 2020. Remote meetings and content creation ranked highest in my daily activities and below list of programs reflect this:

Winner: 🥇 OBS 🥇

Let me wrap this post off by saying a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me. This year I reached more people than I ever thought I could, take a look:

JonDJones.com GA Stats

This year over 189,000 people have visited my website, I've had thousands of hours of youtube watching with a subscriber count now close to 500. No matter if you have watched one of my videos and subscribed to my YouTube channel, read an article on my site, or brought a copy of one of my books I appreciate the support, kind words, and feedback. Hope you have a great 2021!