This roadmap gives you a high-level overview of all the tools you should consider to make you the best developer you can be:

Best Development Tools For 2021


The IDE is the go-to tool of all developers:

VS-Code is fast and has an amazing plug-ing library. I will omit programming language-specific plug-ins, below lists all the plug-in I use on a daily basis:


  • PowerToys - Application launcher, fence manager, renamed, and more.
  • f.lux: adjust monitor brightness to reduce eye-strain
  • Ditto : clipboard replacement


  • Resuce Time - weekly reports

  • Waka TIme: Track time in VS-CODE and VS and get weekly email updates

    Application Installers

  • Chocolately

  • Winget
  • NPM
  • NuGet

    Presentations and Content Creation

  • ZoomIt - Zoom in on your screen and create annotations

  • OBS : screen recording software
  • VirtualCam : Use OBS output as a camera in Zoom!
  • LICEcap: for recording quick animated gifs for your desktop
  • Greenshot : For generating screenshots

    Instant Messaging

  • Zoom : needs no introduction

  • Slack : Online instant messaging
  • Discord : Online instant messaging

    Media, Photos, And Image Management

  • Paint.NET

  • GIMP
  • IrfanView
  • VLC - Watch pretty much any media file type.
  • Spotify

    Disk Space Analyzers

  • WinDirStat: Find out which files are eating up all your hard-disk space

  • Wiztree: an alternative disk space analyser that is quicker

    File Searching

  • Silver Searcher: Lightening fast source code searching from the terminal

  • Everything : GUI file locator for Windows

    File Management

  • 7-Zip : Free Zip program for Windows

  • FileZilla FTP : FTP Manager
  • CCleaner - free up your hard-drive
  • Unlocker - unlock/delete files locked by unknown processes
  • FreeCommander

    Skinning Windows

  • Bins

  • Rainmeter

    Cloud Applications

I use Chrome as my browser of choice. These are the plug-ins I recommend using:

Chrome Plug-ins