In this video, we're going to do a desktop makeover.  Were going to turn this life desktop and turn it into a beautiful supercharged desktop setup.  The plan is simple.  Within the next 10 minutes, you will hopefully learn some new productivity hacks to help you improve your set-up.


Some science boffins found that simply did some research that found simply looking at pictures of nature can help reduce stress. When designing this new desktop, I followed science and used a picture of a tree as the desktop image. You can get the wallpaper used in my video from I use this one: Wallpaper


Rain-meter allows you to skin your desktop with widgets to make it more useful. Rainmeter can be download here.

The skins I use in the vide are:

If you want to be more creative and pick your own widgets, then these two resources are really useful:


I found it super-annoying having loads of clutter on my desktop. One way you can hide this clutter but still have quick and easy access is via a program called Fences.



Bins is a taskbar tool. Bins will allow you to group your taskbar items together. It only costs $4.99 so it will not break the bank!



This is the Windows equivalent of Spotlight. Install it, click Alt + Space to launch the program launcher. This is much quicker than using the taskbar alone



f.lux will help you sleep better at night. As day turns to night when f.lix is running it will try to eliminate blue light and swapping the white to use a more warm red. I definitely have noticed less eye strain since installing it, it's free so why not?


So what do you think?  Would any of these tips, or, programs to improve your desktop set-up?  Leave your answers in the comments